The Lighthouse Process

The entire reporting process is student driven.

Creating a Report

A student creates a report, can select the anonymity level and provide critical details. The report allows experienced, witnessed or heard of events. The entire account creation and submission process is encrypted and only accessible by the reporter.

Report Submission

During the report creation or even after inactivity, the student can escalate the report to campus security and local law enforcement (optional). The timeline provides interaction with the appropriate stakeholders. Lighthouse message notifications and delivery is a combination of SMS and encrypted desktop notifications.

Provider Integration

Lighthouse can include campus support providers or integrate independent agencies. Through the report process, the student decides on a real-time chat or a call-back. Currently, we integrate clinical, legal and church support staff.

Updates & Communication

After the report is submitted, the student has complete control over access to information, relinquishing anonymity and engaging through the timeline with designated stakeholders. The student can provide new information even with complete anonymity.